• Barcelona club has not yet sent an offer to Bayern and it is not imminent, but communication is fluid between Laporta and Zahavi, the striker’s agent, who celebrates the Assembly’s OK to activate the levers
  • The next step will be to sign the agreements for the TV and BLM rights that make that injection of money essential to sign and try to convince Bayern in the face of the crack’s irrevocable desire to leave

The expected Extraordinary Assembly of FC Barcelona to activate the famous economic levers with the green light for the minority sale of Barcelona Licensing & Merchandising up to 49.9% and the transfer of the TV rights of LaLiga for a maximum of 25% was celebrated by Robert Lewandowski and his own entourage, who see his landing at the Camp Nou as more likely. Everyone has been very aware of the evolution of the financial situation of FC Barcelona, ​​the capital to be able to fulfill their desire to leave Bayern Munich and join the Catalan club, as was demonstrated by the call revealed by Pini Zahavi’s MD, crack agent, to Joan Laporta during the board of directors of La Jonquera on May 31 when he read that Javier Tebas considered the signing impossible.

Everything has changed now. The president of LaLiga has modulated his speech, much more conciliatory with Barcelona, which is already beginning to have everything in its face to improve its economic health and not waste any more time to satisfy Xavi Hernández ‘s sporting requests. And there Lewandowski plays a fundamental role. The offensive is not imminent but neither will it take forever to get the Pole out of Bayern, who has been inflexible for more than a month since the 2020-21 and 2021-22 Golden Boot made public his will to leave Munichby closing his stage of eight seasons there. This yes, still there is no offer sent in writing by part of the FC Barcelona by much that in the German press speaks of several proposals between 32 and 35 ‘kilos’ of the Barcelona club.

Despite the uncertain economic context of Barcelona, Lewandowski has been strong from the first moment with thanks that President Laporta himself has made known to him, who maintains very fluid communication with Pini Zahavi. The 33-year-old striker wanted guarantees and, through his representative, was aware of the open negotiations with several investors interested in the levers, but the OK of the compromising partners was lacking so that everything was more tangible and that Tebas would tend more hand as you are doing now.

The wish of ‘Lewy’ and Xavi is that everything is closed before the USA tour

The most difficult will remain: convincing Bayern with an offer that will unravel the matter with Lewandowski‘s willingness to leave the Bavarian club in good manners. “It’s a serious club and I hope we can find a good solution for both parties”, he has been saying during the concentration with his team in order to reach an agreement that no longer leads him to the difficult situation of deciding whether or not to appear at the start of Bayern‘s pre-season in early July. ‘ Lewy ‘ does not want to go to that extreme and trusts that an agreement between clubs will be reached beforehand since he already has almost everything agreed with Barcelona.

[+] Lewandowski’s family vacations in Mallorca, waiting for Barcelona

For his part, Xavi is also confident that he will have the maximum number of reinforcements when the tour of the United States begins on July 16. The Barcelona coach will already have the internationals at his disposal on July 11, a week after the start of training for whom he did not travel with his national teams in June. Decisive weeks are coming while Lewandowski is still on vacation with his family pending his cell phone. He does not contemplate anything other than playing for Barcelona in the 2022-23 season.

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