•  Mbappé put PSG ahead, but Real Madrid came from behind and will be in the quarterfinals of the Champions League

Real Madrid eliminated PSG and will be in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The Bernabéu expected a magical night and it had it, although it suffered greatly because it wasn’t until the second half when the Whites broke loose to overcome the goal that Mbappé had scored in the first half and that left the Whites on the edge of the precipice. Benzema took advantage of PSG’s failures to score a hat trick that takes the Whites to the quarterfinals of the Champions League and PSG to continue for another year without that title.

Real Madrid’s initial plan to go all out, to eat PSG lasted just 15 minutes. The whites, with Kroos acting as Casemiro, pressed the French team to the delight of the Bernabéu who expected to experience a magical night. But all those hopes came crashing down when Mbappé appeared, who put Courtois to the test in the 13th minute. Real Madrid’s object of desire for next year was a nightmare for the Whites. With Carvajal constantly attacking, Mbappé had all the space in the world and Militao was the white lifeline to stop the Frenchman.

Real Madrid, seeing what could happen to it, took a step back and that caused the game to go where PSG wanted. With Verratti in charge and Messi playing the role of midfielder to have numerical superiority in midfield, the French team did what they wanted with the ball in their possession. Real Madrid went from attacking to defending, waiting for their opportunity on the counterattack. The combinations between Messi, Neymar and Mbappé were synonymous with danger and chances that Courtois always saved. Such was the French superiority that Mbappé’s goal came in the 34th minute, but it was annulled for Nuno Mendes’ offside. A full-fledged warning to which Real Madrid reacted with a shot from Benzema. It seemed that the match had been equalized, but in the 39th minute, Mbappé scored the 1-0 in a counterattack. Carvajal’s mistake, the ball went to Neymar who put a golden ball on Kylian who beat Courtois with a great shot. Mbappé celebrated the goal in style against a silent Bernabéu. Madrid tried to react, but the break was reached with that 0-1 and the whites, further from continuing in the Champions League.

Come back Real Madrid

The second part followed the same path as the first. A want and I can’t from Real Madrid against PSG in which Mbappé scored again in the 54th minute, but it was annulled for offside. Seeing that what PSG wanted was being played, Ancelotti realized that something had to change and he did so by bringing on Camavinga for Kroos and Rodrygo for Marco Asensio. Coincidence or not, Benzema made it 1-1 in the 61st minute after a mistake by Donnarumma that Vinicius took advantage of to give Karim the goal. That goal gave Madrid and the Bernabéu air that once again trusted in the comeback. PSG held off the reborn Real Madrid and tried to get the ball back to deactivate the whites. Although it was not the same as in the first act because the whites were no longer the same team or, at least, they did not have the same attitude.

Real Madrid looked for the goal and found two in two minutes. Benzema scored twice to complete a hat trick: 2-1, in the 76th minute, and 3-1, in the 78th minute. The Whites took advantage of PSG’s errors at the back to turn the tie around. Total madness at the Bernabéu and absolute bewilderment in the French team that did not know very well what was happening.

The only burning nail that PSG was clinging to was Mbappé to seek extra time. While the Bernabéu was euphoric, but also nervous and hoping that the referee would signal the end of the game. And that final whistle came that led to ecstasy at the Bernabéu and Real Madrid, which continues to advance in the Champions League at the expense of a PSG that, for another year, will be left without that long-awaited title.

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