•  The ‘Submarine’ survived Vlahovic’s Juventus in the first half and knocked them out in the final stretch of the match
  • Gerard Moreno scored a penalty and ‘made’ another transformed by Danjuma after Pau Torres put the tie-on track

Juventus 0-Villarreal 3; Champions League

Villarreal gave the bell in Turin and will be in the quarterfinals of the Champions League for the third time in its history. They beat Juventus with a resounding 0-3 and ended up making a good 1-1 win in the first leg at La Cerámica. A prestigious victory cemented in the final stretch of the match, with three goals from set pieces (two penalties and one from a corner kick). The ‘vecchia Signora’ accumulated fifteen games in Serie A without knowing defeat and their excellent moment coincided with the arrival of Dusan Vlahovic, who since signing in January, and forming an attacking pair with Álvaro Morata, had managed to clear the cloudy sky with which the team started the season. Until today.

It was precisely both, Morata and Vlahovic, who began to sow panic at Villarreal. Barely ten minutes had elapsed when a cross from Cuadrado was finished off by the Spaniard, meeting a great clearance from Rulli.

Massimilano Allegri’s team was leading the charge and Vlahovic was starting to get ‘hot’. His first flash was a long shot that made Rulli intervene and, a minute later, in the 22nd, he crashed the ball into the crossbar after a pass from De Sciglio. The Serbian, who already scored in the first leg after 30 seconds, began to shake the legs of the yellow defenders and the 600 ‘grogets’ supporters who were in the stands at Juventus Stadium.

It was the Argentine Lo Celso with a shot that licked the base of the post that warned ‘Juve’ that Villarreal was alive and kicking. That action, after half an hour, put the Italian team on notice, which although they continued to dominate, they only came close with a header from close range by Vlahovic -who else-, who ran into Rulli again. And with 0-0, the break was reached.

After passing through the changing rooms, and without changes in both squads, the script of the match remained the same, with Juventus opening the game on the wings to try to find Vlahovic, and Villarreal wanting to slow down the pace of football waiting to have your chance. Allegri’s men, entangled in the visiting spider’s web, began to try their luck with long shots from Rabiot and Cuadrado that went unrewarded.

Over time, Emery moved the first pieces of it. Saint’s hand. He brought in Coquelin and Chukwueze and then bet on Gerard Moreno, who reappeared and did it in a big way. And it is that the Catalan, four minutes after entering the pitch, scored. He did it from the eleven-meter point, after the Polish referee Marciniak reviewed on the VAR monitor a Rugani tackle on Coquelin inside the area.

Villarreal put the tie in the franchise in the 78th minute and Juventus, already with Dybala and Bernardeschi on the pitch, were in a hurry to at least force extra time. Impossible, because when he was in full final rush, in the 85th minute, a poorly defended corner by the Italians was taken advantage of by Pau Torres to score the 0-2 at will, sentence the confrontation and leave Juventus Stadium frozen, which still saw another goal more, also against, by a hand from De Ligt inside the area to a shot by Danjuma and after a steal of the ball by Gerard Moreno. The Dutchman did not fail and put the icing on the cake, a ‘cake’ that ended up choking Juventus. Villarreal, ‘forward’.

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