IPhone might come with Samsung’s Periscope camera lens

Reports indicate that Apple may partner with Samsung to obtain a Periscope lens for its upcoming iPhones.

Reports stated that Apple is looking to improve the camera system within its next devices, and wants to do so by enhancing the optical zoom capabilities of its phones through the Periscope lens.

Instead of building the job on its own, Apple is looking to partner with South Korean companies in order to make it a reality.

The discussions have yet to be finalized, but reports indicate that Apple’s partner companies may be Samsung, which makes the Periscope lens.

The South Korean giant has used the Periscope lens in its flagship smartphones, enabling a massive 100x zoom.

Some of the leading smartphones in the market at the moment come with a Periscope lens for better photography features, including Galaxy S20 Ultra, Huawei P40 Pro, OPPO Find X2 Pro, Huawei Mate 40 Pro and more.

There is still no indication that the two companies have reached a deal regarding the Periscope lens, and there is no indication that the feature may appear in the iPhone 13 even if Apple and Samsung reached a deal.

Apple takes a thoughtful approach to the technologies it puts in its products compared to many of its competitors.

Instead of adding the latest technology to the new iPhones, the company prefers to let the technologies develop before putting them in their devices, which is why you rarely see any new technology from Apple.

This ensures the company that its devices contain only tried and tested technologies, making them more reliable, and it also allows the company to prepare a long-term roadmap to add new features across upcoming devices.

It is not surprising that Apple is looking to include a Samsung periscope lens in its upcoming phones, as the technology has become reliable and popular, and it provides many iPhone owners a solid reason to upgrade.

Samsung acquired Corephotonics, which developed the technology for magnification for smartphones, which made it own the patents, and Apple must enter into a partnership to acquire the technology for its products.

It is reported that Apple launched a few weeks ago the new iPhone 12 series on the market, but reports about the next generation of smartphones from the tech giant, the iPhone 13 lineup, have now started to appear online.

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