iOS 15 Allows You To Disable Night Mode On iPhone

Apple now offers an option to disable the night mode via the iPhone camera in iOS 15. After introducing a major photography upgrade to its operating system in 2019 with the night mode on the iPhone 11.

Extremely low-light shots that were lost due to the limitations of the camera’s tiny sensors are instantly shareable. Except that some shots aren’t worth it with the night mode applied to the camera.

While I’ve always been able to turn off night mode in a particular shot, the iPhone’s camera also re-enables it the next time it finds out it needs to use it.

Now in iOS 15, you can choose whether the camera remembers to turn off the night mode.

Night mode is often a useful way to take photos in low light. But sometimes there are times when the iPhone can this mode and it results in a worse picture with the night mode enabled.

If you prefer full control of the iPhone camera, you can disable the night mode through the following steps:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Click on the Camera section.
  • Click Keeper Settings.
  • Toggle the Night Mode setting to On.

iOS 15 Allows You To Disable Night Mode On iPhone
This allows the iPhone camera to turn off night mode if you disable it to take a photo. You can still turn the night mode back on if you need it, but now you’re making the decision to enable it instead of on the iPhone itself.

Note that this isn’t the only camera improvement in iOS 15. The company is also making minor improvements to photos by addressing green lens flares that can appear in outdoor photos.

Many iPhone users suffer from green dots, and while taking the picture nothing seems to have changed, as the glow still appears in the camera lens.

But when viewing the final image, the flare is nowhere to be seen.
This seems to be the result of all the post-processing on the image, as the alternate (and less processed) frames are available if you’re using Apple’s Live Photo feature flare.

Both improvements are available in the latest iOS 15 public beta and should appear to iPhone users as soon as the operating system arrives (maybe next month).

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