iOS 14.3 lets you create a unique look for your iPhone screen

The feature of customizing the main screen icons in the iPhone is one of the most prominent features that found great acceptance in the version of the iOS 14 operating system, as this feature allows you to create a unique look for the iPhone home screen according to your desire, and you can search for the application icons that you want yourself or you can buy .

This week, Apple launched the iOS 14.3 update that includes many new features, including: Improving the use of custom icons for applications. You can also use the Shortcuts application to create custom icons for applications on the main phone screen, and run the associated application without launching the Shortcuts application first every time. .

First: How to find application icons on the web:

You can search the web for the icons available for the application you want, for example: if you want to customize how the time appears on your phone’s main screen, you can search for it with words such as: clock icons or clock aesthetic icons, and you will find many websites that provide these icons, such as : Website icons8.

Second: How to buy app icons:

The quick way to create custom icons for your iPhone applications is to buy a set of application icons and save them all in the pictures application or the files application on the iPhone phone to use them according to your desire, where you can browse sites such as: Etsy to see the available icons, and the price of a set of application icons ranges between 5 Dollars to $ 30.

Third: Use the Shortcuts application to create icons:

You can use the Shortcuts app to create custom app icons on the main phone screen, and run the associated app without launching the Shortcuts app first every time, as the app icon will instead appear at the top of the screen.To do that, follow these steps:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  • Press the (+) sign to create a new shortcut.
  • Click on the Add Action option, then choose the Open App option from the Actions menu.
Shortcut of iphone
Shortcut of iphone
  • Click Choose, then choose the application you want to customize.
  • Click on the three dots icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Click on the Add to Home Screen option.
New Shortcut
New Shortcut
  • Tap on the shortcut name again, and name it according to the original app name or a name of your choice.
  • Click the icon on the left side of the name you typed, then click the Chose Photos option or choose a file if you downloaded the code on an iPhone.
Add Shortcut
Add Shortcut
  • Now find the symbol or image that you want to use and tap on it.
  • Adjust the image frame by zooming in and dragging the image, then click on the Add option at the top right of the screen.
  • Once done, tap on the Done option.
Shortcut iphone
Shortcut iphone
  • Now go to the iPhone home screen or the recent application page; To see the new app shortcut you created.
  • Press and hold to move it anywhere you want.
how to create aesthetic iphone ios 14 with custom app icons walkthrough
  • Go back to the Shortcuts app, and tap the Done option twice to return to the main screen.
  • You can repeat the process for all the apps you want, and you can also tap the three dots icon for any app you have customized to change the icon or name.
Clocks Shortcut
Clocks Shortcut

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