iOS 14.3 brings the best imaging technology to iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

Apple began launching iOS 14.3, which brings iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max owners the ProRAW imaging feature that it promised to launch when the phones were announced last October.

Other features in this update include improvements to the search feature of the Apple TV service app, support for Fitness Plus – a service for fitness subscriptions – as well as the newly announced AirPods Max headphones.

IPhones have long been able to capture RAW images, but doing so would mean giving up the benefits of computer processing that goes into standard photos captured with the native camera app. ProRAW is designed as a format that combines the computational benefits of Apple’s image processing and the post-processing flexibility of RAW files.

In the new iOS 14.3 system from Apple, the company activated the ProRAW feature in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and for these two devices only. With the update installed, capturing and editing ProRAW photos will be enabled in the native photo and camera applications.

This update also addresses an annoying bug that prevents some users from receiving notifications of incoming new messages. On the lighter side, Siri’s digital assistant gets an update with hundreds of sounds for animals, musical instruments, and vehicles.

This new feature works on the HomePod smart speaker, iPhone smartphones, and iPad tablets, and it is sufficient to ask Siri to make the sound in the smart speaker for the user to hear it, but if he uses an iPhone or an iPad, it will also happen. On a visual component that corresponds to the sound.

IOS 14.3 makes it easy to customize app icons since Home Screen Shortcuts no longer need to open the Shortcuts app.

Other features of iOS 14.3 include the ability to record videos at 25 frames per second, updates to searches in the Apple TV app, the new Apple TV Plus tab, and the front-facing mirror feature in still photos of devices from iPhone 6s onwards. There is also a Cycle Tracking feature in the Health app.

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