Internet Archive announces retention of Flash games and animations

The famous Internet archive site, Internet Archive, announced that it will simulate animation and games based on Flash technology in its suite of programs, with the near end of support for the Adobe Flash program, which will stop the games and the famous animation based on it.

Adobe announced in late July 2017 its intention to stop support for the Flash Player driver by the end of 2020, and last June, the company said: The end of support for Flash Player will take place on December 31. Next December, after this date, Adobe will not release any software security updates or patches, and it recommends that users uninstall the launcher before that date.

In addition, Adobe will remove all archives of previous versions of Flash Player from its official website and prevent Flash-based content from playing. The company will also require those who have (Flash Player) installed on their devices to uninstall it before the termination date.

Internet Archive – a non-profit digital library – said in a post on its blog: “Using the Flash emulator – which is under development called Ruffle – we added Flash support to Internet Archive’s Emularity system, allowing a subset to run. “Flash component in the browser, as if the Flash plug-in is installed.”

The site added: “Although Ruffle’s compatibility with Flash is not 100 percent, it will run a very large part of the historical Flash animation in the browser, smoothly and accurately.”

It is noteworthy that by ending Flash support, playing popular games, such as: FarmVille on Facebook, will not be possible any longer. FarmVille maker Zynga has decided to close the original flash-based game by the end of the year. For its part, Facebook is working to help developers transition from Flash and continue to offer their games.

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