The Italian national team will host its English counterpart, in a heavy-caliber confrontation, hosted by the “San Siro” stadium, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Friday, according to Italian time, in the fifth round of Group C, in the European Nations League.

The Italian team enters the match in third place with 5 points, collected from a win, a loss, and two draws, while the English team is at the bottom of the group with only two points, collected from two draws and two losses, while the Hungarian team leads with 7 points.

The first confrontation that brought them together in the third round last June, ended in a goalless draw and was held at Molyneux Stadium, the stronghold of Wolverhampton.

The Azzurri team is seeking to win the match in order to maintain its chances of qualifying for the semi-finals, while the Three Lions will try to achieve victory in order to improve its position in the group after losing the opportunity to qualify for the next round.

The Italian national team has historically excelled in its confrontations with its English counterpart in various competitions, where they met in 29 previous matches, the Azzurri won in 12 matches, while the Three Lions won in 8 matches and settled the tie in 9 other matches, the Italians scored 39 goals against 38 goals for the English.

It is worth noting that the Italian national team managed to snatch the Euro 2020 title from its English counterpart in the final match, 4-3 on penalties, after the end of the original and extra time with a positive tie of 1-1.

The England team will miss Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford and Manchester City midfielder Calvin Phillips due to injury, along with Jadon Sancho for technical reasons. injury.

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