Didier Deschamps, coach of France, rejected the accusation of Aurelien Chuamini, after a 1-1 draw with Croatia on Monday evening in the confrontation that brought them together at the “Stadion Boulud”, in the framework of the second round of the group stage of the European Nations League.

Deschamps said in statements after the match: “I will not say that Chwamini was not good, but that his performance was better last March, but he is the only player who participated in the last two matches of the national team, he is not a robot.”

Deschamps explained: “He is a young player, who is thinking about a very important option about his future, but he is strong and consistent. He lost some balls, but he can avoid these negatives.”

Deschamps stressed: “I think we played a good game, we could have gone 2-0 up, we pushed more to secure the victory, but we conceded a goal, it’s frustrating to give the opponent a penalty kick.”

Deschamps said: “The result does not satisfy me completely, but the match was a good opportunity to involve more players, and the strength of the opponent cannot be overlooked. The Croatian national team defended its pride and pressed strongly since the 80th minute, taking advantage of the enthusiasm of its fans.”

Deschamps continued: “There are factors that must be taken into consideration, the time distance between matches is very small, so the starting lineup must be rotated, and we are waiting for test matches at the end of the year. As for receiving goals, it has nothing to do with playing with 3, 4, or 5 players in a line. Defense”.

Deschamps continued: “It was also possible that we would lose the match. The Croatian team missed two chances in the last minutes, and it must be taken into account that we played with a basic formation, with a total of less than 200 international matches, and therefore the experience factor was a decisive factor in the course of the match, but it is not an excuse. “.

At the European Nations League title competition, Didier Deschamps stressed: “We are still in the competition, certainly getting a point from the first two matches, it is not the best result, but we play to win all the matches.”

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