• Sevilla awaits the documentation from Chelsea with the agreed offer, which they have not yet received, and with the central defender still waiting for some movement

Sevilla warned on Thursday night that the signing of the central defender was close to Chelsea, that it reached the figure required at the Sanchez Pizjuan, and that it would be between 55 and 60 million euros. The lack of contacts with Barcelona, and therefore of a formal offer, meant that the footballer was one step away from leaving for the English club. Only the player could put up with the Barcelona club as an option.


Pending documentation from Chelsea

They assume that Kounde will no longer play at Sanchez Pizjuan and have negotiated his departure with the best offer on the table, that of Chelsea. Despite the messages that were arriving from Barcelona, ​​the club insisted that the Barcelona club had not made any offer. “There are not and have not been contacts with Barcelona,” Monchi surprised that there was so much talk of interest and no proposal had been made.

At this point, the Sevilla-Chelsea negotiation with an already agreed price accelerated, and now the only thing pending is for the English club to send the documentation with the economic agreement. Although in England there is talk that the papers have already been sent, Sevilla had no record early on Friday afternoon


He has not contacted Sevilla

On Friday morning, Barcelona woke up to a video of a Barcelona fan asking the president if Koundé was going to sign. The leader’s response was sudden: “File for Chelsea.” From then on, the Frenchman’s option was diluted immediately and pointed towards other directions such as Pau Torres and Inigo Martinez, who seem closer.

At Barcelona, they were tied hand and foot. The need to sell assets made it impossible to submit an offer. Once the agreement has been reached, Barcelona could tackle the operation but they need time that Sevilla won’t grant and Chelsea don’t want to grant. Nothing is ruled out.


Wait for a solution in the Sevilla stage

Koundé had signed agreements with Barcelona and Chelsea. The center-back was inclined to play at Camp Nou. He was encouraged by the hiring of Lewandowski and the cule project, but the reality was that the English club was really taking the steps and that the Barcelona wait was too long.

The player returned to the discipline of Sevilla on Wednesday but had not planned to go to the stage in Lagos (Portugal) waiting for everything to be resolved, but he backtracked and decided to travel with the rest of the Andalusian expedition. A movement that is interpreted as a way to await the final call from Barcelona. Call that seems that it will not arrive. Or maybe yes.

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