The CEO of Atlético Madrid met with the Frenchman. 

Atlético Madrid is approaching the end of the market with some open questions. The most striking is perhaps that of Antoine Griezmann‘s situation. It is no coincidence that, prior to the match against VillarrealDiego Pablo Simeone publicly said that he wanted him to stay.

“I hope he continues with us, I appreciate him and I love him. Everyone knows how important he is to the team. Hopefully, I can continue in the line that he had in the preseason and in this Getafe game, ”said Diego Simeone. It is evident that something was moving and Cholo knew it.

It is a situation with many aspects that weigh. On the one hand, no one is unaware that a few months before the World Cup in Qatar, Antoine Griezmann is experiencing a very unstable situation at the club. His bad past course has cost him ownership. Right now he is not one of the starting players for Simeone, although he is one of the first options in the substitution rotation.

On the other hand, the biggest problem is that he is on loan from FC Barcelona with a loan agreement that could cost the mattress club 40 million euros next season if he wants to keep him. Right now, Atlético is not willing to pay that amount.

For him to have to do it, he would have to play more than 50% of the games between last year and the present, always more than 30 minutes in each clash. Right now, it is coming out in the second parts, it is not adding up for that calculation. It is clear that the issue of the player file and especially the cost of hiring him is of concern.

So much so that there was recently a meeting between Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético; and the player, in which the mattress CEO asked him to make a sacrifice.

As reported by Relevo and corroborated by other media such as Cadena Ser and Mundo Deportivo and KG itself, he requested a 30% salary reduction. Let us remember that the player has already returned to Atlético with a 50% discount. In this sense, he would bet on a formula of more years, paying the clause, but with less salary cost so that the impact on the rojiblanco team’s coffers would not be so devastating.

Obviously, the player would not have to move a token. He is registered, with a contract at Atlético (belonging to Barça), but it is clear that there is viability in his continuity beyond this course, the mattress club has to find a solution.

It is a complex case because he is not a proper FC Barcelona player, which is the one that has his rights right now. We already say that Atlético is looking for options to make the transfer cheaper next year and give Simeone what he has asked for. The Catalan team does not want him back because it would mean losing income by signing him and having a footballer on the squad with a record that it would not be difficult for Laporta‘s team to afford in the medium term. In similar situations, such as the CoutinhoBarça agreed to enter much less than they initially intended, in order to save the brutal salary.


For his part, the footballer continues to say that he feels good at Madrid and that he wants to earn his place after a rough season back. He is obviously concerned about the impact of the few minutes on his World Cup chances, but if he does stay, he will have to fight it on the field.

In the midst of these movements, something that should not be overlooked either is that the Frenchman was the object of serious insults by some fans from the south end, where the team’s ultras are placed.

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