• FC Barcelona has not made an offer to the Portuguese or to City, who would ask for some 90-100 million but would hardly have time to find a substitute
  • The Lisbon footballer also perceives that it was not the first Barça bet and he will not risk tightening the rope with his club without the certainty that Barça could face the operation

The signing of Bernardo Silva , desired by Xavi Hernández as the icing on the cake in the midfield of FC Barcelona , ​​is increasingly complicated. There are 15 exact days left for the market to close (September 1 at midnight) and neither the Barça club has sent a written offer to Manchester City nor to the Portuguese outlet. The Portuguese international himself already found it very difficult to leave the Etihad Stadium for the Camp Nou at the beginning of the month , as reported by KG on August 10. As the days have passed, there have been no movements that have favored optimism in both Bernardo and Barça .

The operation is very expensive. City , logically, is not willing to give away Bernardo despite the fact that he would like to take a new step in his career at 28 years old and wear a Barça shirt Thinking about a transfer of 60 million has no reason to be in the case of one of the cracks of Pep Guardiola’s team. It would be to put it almost at the level of the departures of Raheem Sterling (to Chelsea for 56.20) and Gabriel Jesus (to Arsenal for 52.20), both a year away from being released, or Ferran Torres himself (to Barça for 55+ 10). In the current English champion they would not start talking until they see that some 90 or 100 million can fall. And it is not the case.

Barça ‘s immobility in needing substantive exits like those of Frenkie de Jong or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang , both closed on the wing, to be able to face the signing of Bernardo Silva is not a factor that allows the Lisbon player to make a move and press. As KG has learned, in no case does he want to tighten the rope with City , where he has spent five seasons with four Premier League wins without feeling bad either. Yes, he would like to go to the Camp Nou but not because at the Etihad he is unhappy or confronted with someone. That’s not where the shots go.

Bernardo has seen that Barça had other priorities in the summer market

The reality is that he is not willing to assume a tense environment with the risk of being left in the end without being able to sign for Barça or even without being able to be registered. The operation depends on many things that are not within your reach. Hence, the passage of time without concrete movements from Barcelona has generated a certain distrust in Bernardo to take a step as forceful as the one made by Robert Lewandowski in Munich , assuring on the last day of the Bundesliga that his time at Bayern had finish.

Nor should we forget that Bernardo has seen that Barça had other priorities in the summer market such as the center forward ( Robert Lewandowski ), the winger ( Raphinha ) or the central defender ( Jules Koundé ) leaving his signing based on a possible departure from scope as Frenkie or now Aubameyang that is still not produced. The luso was not the first bet of the Barça and from his entourage his landing in the Camp Nou is seen more and more difficult .

Except for a sudden change of script, Bernardo will continue to enjoy football in a City that aspires to everything, although it is no less true that he is going through a ‘déjà vu’ since it is the second year in a row that he has experienced a similar situation. Last season he already wanted to leave Manchester but his club closed the doors on him. Now he had them open whenever an offer arrived at the height of his quality but Barça , on August 18, has not had the capacity to do so.

However, City would not give many facilities either when there is little left to close the market as they are limited in finding a substitute at the same level as Bernardo and with the detriment of having to pay a higher price when they are needed, such as, for example, It happened to Barça when they signed Ousmane Dembélé at the end of August to fill the gap for Neymar .

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