Manchester United went down against Brentford. It will not be for this reason that the Red Devils will try to squeeze for Adrien Rabiot, but this further alarm bell will make any intervention planned on the market even more urgent.

Adrien Rabiot
Adrien Rabiot

 On Sunday new contacts are expected with the French entourage, concluding the negotiation with mother Veronique as quickly as possible is now a priority on the agenda. White smoke is also what Juve is waiting for, in agreement with United for some time now. Also because of the exit of Rabiot, waiting for something to be released on the Arthur front (in the meantime passed from 5, over Manuel Locatelli, to the number 29 shirt), is essential to be able to arrange the midfield according to the programs agreed with Max. Merry. Leandro Paredes is always firmly at the top of the list of goals for the control room and beyond.

THE SITUATION – As anticipated by KG, the economic and planning agreement with the Argentine midfielder has existed and has existed for some time. Not only is Paredes now the first choice for Juve, but especially Juve is also the first choice for Paredes once the PSG decision has been taken to include him in the long list of expendables. On the other hand, he is one of the departments that is witnessing a real revolution, that of Fabian Ruiz would be only the last of the blows for the median of Galtier. However, it is with the PSG that the agreement is still missing, it is not so much the valuation of about 20 million over which there is distance, but on the formula: Juve pushes for the loan with the right of redemption, from Paris they would like (they want) a guarantee of definitive transfer, if not immediately at least through a redemption obligation conditioned by the achievement of automatic or almost automatic objectives. Leave to work, with confidence, the latest contacts have seen Juve reassure the player, who has also confirmed that he wants to land in Turin. Before however, a heavy transfer is expected (at least), Rabiot to United would make everything easier or at least faster.

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