Bernardo Silva

Laporta and Mendes sealed the strategy for Bernardo Silva

  • In their last meeting, the president and the representative studied how to approach the signing in case De Jong leaves

Days ago, on July 4, Barcelona FC president, Joan Laporta, summoned the Portuguese agent, Jorge Mendes, to his home. During the dinner, which was attended not by Matteo Alemani, who was in Mallorca, but by other members of the sports department, various volumes of first-team players were discussed, but above all, the possible signing of Bernardo Silva, who, according to informed sources, He benefited from a large part.

The reunion with the representative, the second in recent weeks, took place after the sale of 10% of LaLiga’s television rights for the next 25 years to the North American consortium Sixth Street, which made it possible to unlock the first signings of Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessie and open the possibility of new hires. There was talk of Trincao , who already has a foot and a half at Sporting Lisbon after concluding his loan at Wolverhampton and that the English club did not want to exercise the purchase option, and also of Nico González, whose intention is to stay in the Barcelona but that contemplates a transfer –Olympique de Marseille sounds – if you have the feeling that it will not be important.

They were specific issues because the bulk came with the Frenkie de Jong-Bernardo Silva affairs . If the Dutchman agrees to go to Manchester United or Chelsea , if they maintain an offer whose amount, not officially recognized, could approach 70-80 million euros, Barcelona will go for Bernardo Silva . A perfect scenario to place a player who excites Xavi and who has been one of his requests, as long as the Dutch international drops out. Mendes is determined to take Bernardo Silva to Barcelona and the Portuguese midfielder has reportedly already informed the ‘blue’ board of his desire to leave for the Barcelona club.

The problem is the price and the Laporta-Mendes meeting served to convey the financial strategy. Manchester City will only speak for a figure close to 100 ‘kilos’, an unaffordable amount for Barcelona because the money received by De Jong would go in part to Robert Lewandowski, the first Barça target.

Laporta and Mendes were drawing up a plan to convince the English, which would happen, in the absence of official confirmation, by a payment of an amount less than that hundred million postponed in two or three seasons and with a salary to the player according to the restrictions staff salaries. In the form, both the representative and the president agreed.

In any case, there will not be a step forward if the sale of De Jon g does not take place, thus opening a gap in the midfield for Bernardo Silva to have a place, and if the rest of the 15 of television rights for an amount of 400 million euros. A management that they want to close in a week and that could delay the Barcelona president’s joining the first team tour of the United States. Mendes will not meet with Manchester City representatives until De Jong ‘s own situation is clarified.


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