• The Catalan winger is negotiating with Arsenal to go free this summer and Barça asked for time to assess him after Azpilicueta’s ‘no’
  • Xavi, who asked to reinforce the right wing if there is fair play, will have the last word while the youth squad, wanted by Betis, waits in London

FC Barcelona has to close other folders before going for the right side . But once the signings are registered and Marcos Alonso is closed, they will know exactly how much they can have to address the incorporation of Xavi’s last request for this summer market. Yes, the Bernardo Silva operation is also cooking , but it is parallel because it depends on Frenkie de Jong and the Dutchman, for the moment, is not moving.

After the refusal of César Azpilicueta – the first option for the right lane of defense but who ended up renewing with Chelsea – he was offered to the Barça club Héctor Bellerín , 27, who is negotiating the termination of his contract with Arsenal.

The Catalan winger is on Betis’ agenda, where he played on loan at a good level last season. Everything seemed on track, but the Andalusian club is also suffering from financial problems and has yet to register several players. From the verdiblanca entity they are also trying to find formulas with the ‘ticketing’ or place a player like William Jose. So, with this panorama, the arrival of Héctor Bellerín is stopped.

At the moment, it is not ruled out

The player also does not want to risk being released if Betis cannot register him later. That is why for now he is still waiting to resolve his future with Arsenal , where his contract ends in June. In addition to the Andalusian team, the Catalan side would look very favorably on being able to return to what was his home and where he trained as a player until Cadet. If he has been willing to wait for Betis, he will also do so with Barça, a Champions League team that is making a squad to be able to compete for everything.

Bellerin left for Arsenal at the age of 16 , but has been willing to return for several seasons. Moreover, this summer he settled in the Born neighborhood, in the Catalan capital. For this reason, those around him offered him to Barcelona , ​​who did not rule him out, but informed them that he now has other priorities. In addition, the last word will be Xavi Hernández , who would be delighted to sign a right-back if he has a margin of ‘fair play’.

Bellerín is a player profile that Barça has always liked. In fact, the Catalan club has been interested in the last four years, also with Mateu Alemany as director of football. Last year it was Koeman who ended up stopping his arrival, but this time his possible incorporation is seen as a market opportunity. He would arrive free after a great career in the Premier, he knows the League after playing last year and is also a youth squad.

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