• The French striker arrived at El Prat airport around 11 pm this Sunday

Ousmane Dembele is already in Barcelona to be able to sign his renewal after he reached an agreement with the Barça club to renew until 2024. The French player landed on a private flight shortly before 11:00 p.m. at El Prat Airport.

After the arrival of the Frenchman, who has been received by security people from FC Barcelona, ​​Andreas Christensen has also appeared, who will join Xavi Hernández’s preseason this Monday.

Regarding Dembele, it is expected that his renewal will be officially announced, something that will be done shortly, and later he will be able to put himself back under Xavi Hernandez’s orders to start training and be able to travel to the United States tour next Saturday when Barcelona will travel to Miami to continue their preparation on American soil.

It should be remembered that, unlike the one they did in December, now Dembele is offered a short contract, of only two years, until 2024. And the fixed one is 40% less than what was offered in December, although with some very good variables that will make you increase your remuneration based on your performance.

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