Doerson, the Dutch agent, Frenkie de Jong, renewed the player’s refusal to move to Manchester United during his meeting with Richard Arnold, chief executive of the English club, and John Mortog, director of football, yesterday, Wednesday.

The Spanish newspaper “Sport” described Frenkie de Jong’s refusal as the thousandth time that the player confirmed his unwillingness to leave for Manchester United.

Frenkie de Jong’s name was associated with Manchester United almost 3 months ago, as the English club tried to attract him to the Premier League, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

De Jong’s agent explained that his player will not move to Manchester United during the current period and that he is focusing with his club Barcelona to resolve the difficult decision that shocked the English club’s officials.

At the same time, the Catalan newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, revealed that Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez will sit with Frenkie de Jong in order to decide his fate, either by staying with the team or leaving to Manchester United, before the start of the pre-season tour .

The newspaper added that the Barcelona coach will hold another session with the Blaugrana administration, led by Mathieu Alemani, the sporting director, to inform them of the final decision on Frenkie de Jong, in addition to talking about more deals this summer .

She indicated that Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong told those close to him of his desire to continue playing in the Camp Nou, and to live in the Catalan city .

The newspaper concluded that the Barcelona midfielder does not care about the offers he received from Manchester United during the past weeks, and regarding Chelsea’s interest, they remain just rumors from the English media.

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