At Barcelona they already admit that they are advancing for Lewandowski!

  • In public they maintain caution but in private solvent sources from the Barcelona club acknowledge that there are talks and positions are coming closer
  • From inside the transfer is not considered closed although now they are optimistic

Joan Laporta , president of FC Barcelona , did not want to talk much about Robert Lewandowski (33 years old) in the presentation of Raphinha as a new Barcelona player. That was already proof that the negotiation for the Polish striker was entering the decisive stage. Asked about the situation and the offer that the Catalan club presented to the Bavarian, the president explained: “Bayern’s response has not yet arrived, but we will not go into more details.” The Barcelona president was aware that he had to be prudent, more now than finally Bayern Munich, until now a wall, had opened the door to negotiate with Barcelona the departure of the Polish striker from the Bavarian team. The situation appears to have taken a turn in the last hours. They didn’t consider it closed yet but were more optimistic.

The Bavarian club, until now entrenched and stubborn in that its scorer had to fulfill his contract until June 2023, agreed on Thursday night to sit down to talk with Barcelona and yesterday the Catalans and Germans were already approaching positions to find the best solution for the three parts. They did not consider it closed yet, but they were much more optimistic. The intention is to close it as soon as possible, preferably before the presentation of the German team this Saturday at 3:00 p.m. to avoid unnecessary ‘shows’, bad faces from the player or fights from the fans.

With this scenario, the Catalan club has not yet taken the final agreement for granted, although they maintain positivism and the illusion of being able to make it official soon. What’s more, they hope that Lewandowski can join the team in the first days of the American tour to start working under Xavi Hernandez.

Barcelona considers ‘ Lewa ‘  a totally priority signing, while the player has been clear for months that his future only involves dressing as a Barcelona player next season.

Bayern still had the hope of trying to convince him and that he would change his mind after the holidays, but the Polish striker himself once again moved his intentions to leave for Barcelona on his return to preseason. It was speculated that Lewa would not show up at the beginning of the course under Nagelsmann , but he has complied, precisely as a gesture of goodwill so as not to tighten the rope more than necessary with his current club. He has done enough so far because he knew that his position would be decisive for Bayern to end up giving in and listen to Barcelona’s proposals. What’s more, few footballers have wet themselves more than the Pole to be able to wear the elastic cule in a situation that is more than complicated economically.

Despite everything, Lewandowski wants to get out of the German entity that gave him the opportunity to consolidate himself among the world top-5. In fact, that is why the Catalan club insists on signing this footballer. The azulgrana consider that they must have a world-class player, among the best, and right now, despite his almost 34 years, Robert is.

In his country they already took it for granted

Yesterday morning, a Polish journalist well connected to Lewandowski , Tomasz Wlodarzyck, reported an agreement in principle between the two clubs. “It’s just a matter of formalities. Robert Lewandowski will become a footballer for FC Barcelona in the next few days! Since Thursday night, the talks related to the transfer have accelerated significantly, ”explained this journalist.





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