Martín Zubimendi

At Barça there is a quorum to sign Zubimendi

The media of Real Sociedad is the one that Xavi, the Football Area and the Technical Secretariat like the most

Busquets contract ends next year and, continue or not, Barça considers it essential to strengthen the position

FC Barcelona has made a great investment in the last transfer market. However, there are still positions to be strengthened in a workforce that will have to be acted upon in the next markets. One of those positions in which you have to look for a reference player is that of the pivot, where Sergio Busquets has been the owner and lord since 2008. However, the Catalan midfielder’s contract ends in 2023 and for now it is not clear that he will renew. And if he did renew, it wouldn’t be for a very long term. Therefore, there we have to strengthen as soon as possible and Xavi Hernández is very aware of this. And he has a chosen one: Martín Zubimendi , pivot of Real Sociedad.

Zubimendi (23 years old) is a weakness for the Barça coach. In fact, the player from San Sebastian is the pivot that Xavi likes the most to replace Sergio Busquets when he leaves. The one from Badia del Vallès has a lot of physical and psychological wear after many seasons being a reference for Barça and the Spanish team. AA Xavi would love for him to continue but Busi is wearing a lot of wear and tear. In addition, Inter Miami wants to sign him and he is seduced by the idea of ​​joining the North American league so that his family can live the experience of living in that country and in that city.

A very important detail of Barça’s interest in Zubimendi is that Xavi loves him but he also likes him a lot in the sports area. In fact, at Barça they have already spoken with their agents about the option of moving to the Camp Nou, even before Xavi showed his interest in the Real Sociedad player. That is why at Barça there is something very important about Zubimendi : a quorum in the technical area about the suitability of his signing. In fact, he is considered the number one candidate to reinforce the pivot by Xavi and his staff as well as by Jordi Cruyff , Mateu Alemany and the Technical Secretariat.

Real wants to renew his contract

His termination clause is 60 million euros and he has a contract with Real Sociedad until 2025. In fact, the footballer recently admitted that he may extend this contract and, therefore, raise his clause and his record, which is now very low. La Real wants to extend him for at least two more years and raise his price by doubling his current salary.

Despite those 60 ‘kilos’ of his current clause, at Barça they don’t believe that the player from San Sebastian is an expensive player. What is looked at to analyze whether the investment in a soccer player is affordable or expensive is the amortization and the record. And at the moment, Zubimendi earns little and at Barça they believe that he would not ask for an exorbitant salary to come to the Camp Nou, compared to other salaries in the team.

In addition, the position is vital for Xavi Hernández , who has an almost irreplaceable player in Busquets . But at his age (34 years old) and ending his contract in 2023, you have to think that a replacement for Busi will be necessary sooner rather than later . Hence Barça’s interest in a Zubimendi who would be seduced by playing under the orders of the Terrassa coach, although publicly his speech is always very correct and proactive about a possible contract extension with his club, Real Sociedad.


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