The Salvadoran Football Association announced the death of referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya after he was beaten by players and fans during a match he was officiating at Toluca Stadium in San Salvador.

The referee was seriously injured as a result of the beating, and he died in Zakamel Hospital, which attributed the cause of death to internal bleeding.

The Football Association of El Salvador issued a statement saying: “We condemn and deplore the physical assault that resulted in the death of referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya by fans and players during a match he was running at Toluca Stadium.”

Football clubs and fans condemned what they described as the murder of the referee, who has more than 20 years of experience in professional and amateur matches.

Amaya had been violently attacked by players who protested the expulsion of one of their teammates from the match after receiving a yellow card twice.

The police later reported the arrest of one of the players who attacked the referee, Juan Manuel Cruz Lorenzana, who was charged with premeditated murder.

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