Tuchel: I didn’t regret anything and Chelsea played a great match against Liverpool

 German coach Thomas Tuchel spoke about losing the League Cup to Liverpool by penalty kicks 11-10, in the match that was held on Sunday evening at Wembley Stadium in the English capital London for the current season 2021-2022.

“It was a bit harsh for him, he missed the only penalty kick, but there is no blame on him,” Tuchel said in comments after the match about Kepa.

Tuchel explained about the decision to bring Kepa, “I make decisions when I make decisions and I can’t re-judge them when I know the result.. We don’t know what would have happened if we left Edo on the field. I don’t blame Kepa.” “If anyone is to blame, it’s me because I’m the guy who makes the decisions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s life as a football coach.” 

Tuchel added: “Playing like this and defending at such a level made me very proud. I had a feeling we created a little more chances, the match could have gone another way. I feel that the line drawn by Romelu’s offside was strange.” 

Tuchel stressed: “The offside streak with Lukaku’s canceled goal was strange.” 

Tuchel continued: “Lukaku’s disallowed offside goal had the streak too close. I don’t quite understand where the streak is being drawn, so there are a few bad feelings about that goal. Sometimes you need a bit of luck. Either side could have won. That everything”. 

“We also have to accept their quality at the moment, they are probably the best attacking team in Europe at the moment,” Tuchel stressed. “So defending like that and playing like that made me proud today.” 

“I think it will not change anything for me on a daily basis as I understand,” Tuchel commented on Roman Abramovich’s statement, adding: “I am in close contact with Marina and Petr Cech to manage the first team and to give my opinions and interest in this matter and do my best to win football matches. This It won’t change and I don’t think it will change with yesterday’s news.” 

“The players know what’s going to happen and we’ve done it before,” Tuchel said about Mendy’s substitution. “It’s a good topic now for you to make headlines but mistakes happen. I make mistakes, Edu made a big mistake and almost got punished.” 

Thomas Tuchel confirmed, “It is easy if we have a great sense of what will happen, but I blame myself when I make the decisions,” and continued: “In football it was a great match, I did not regret anything. We gave everything and it was a great match and we played a role in it.”


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