Press reports revealed that the Premier League is close to approving the sale of Chelsea FC, in favor of Todd Boley’s alliance, the owner of the strongest offers to buy the club.

The Premier League is close to signing an agreement with Todd Boley’s alliance to allow him to buy Chelsea, after the British government and Roman Abramovich‘s concerns were settled.

Abramovich is preparing to sell Chelsea after the great pressure on him from the British government, due to the Russian military operations on Ukrainian soil.

Chelsea King Abramovich had issued a statement yesterday, Thursday, saying: “First, Mr. institution and a plan for its activities. The lead independent expert held talks with government representatives who presented the structure and initial plans.

He added, “Abramović has not asked for any loan to be paid to him. These suggestions are completely wrong, as are the suggestions that Abramovich raised the club’s price at the last minute. As part of his goal to find a good owner for the club, he encouraged every bidder during the process to commit to investing in the club including: That’s in the academy, the women’s team, the necessary redevelopment of the stadium as well as maintaining the working Chelsea Foundation.”

Abramovich has no access or control over these funds and will not have any access or control over these funds after the sale, despite the changing circumstances since his first announcement. He remains committed to finding a good owner of Chelsea FC and making sure the proceeds go to Charity”.

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