Serie A

 The Premier League and its Italian counterpart shared a common feature during the current season, which is the point struggle between the conflicting branch for the title during the current season 2021-2022 after the two competitions are nearing completion.

In the Premier League, the conflict between Manchester City and Liverpool has intensified for the Premier League title this season, with the first separated by only one point.

Manchester City is at the top of the Premier League standings with 77 points, from winning 24 matches, drawing 5, and losing 3 matches, scoring 75 goals, and receiving 22.

Liverpool is in the second place in the Premier League standings with 76 points, collected from winning 23 games, drawing 7, and losing only two games, scoring 82 goals, and conceding 22.

In Serie A, AC Milan is at the top of Serie A standings with 71 points, from winning 21 matches, drawing 8, losing 4 matches, scoring 58 goals, and receiving 29.

In Serie A standings, AC Milan’s traditional rival, Inter, has 69 points and has a postponed match, including 20 wins, 9 draws, 3 losses, 68 goals scored and 25 conceded. In the event of a tie, he will be in the runner-up by the same point.

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