The formation of the Liverpool team came

coach Jurgen Klopp announced the official formation of his team in preparation for the match against Watford in the match that brings them together at Anfield, as part of the 31st round of the Premier League, after the end of the international break for teams due to the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

  • The formation of the Liverpool team came

Goalkeeper: Alisson Becker

Defense: Gomez, Matip, Van Dyck, Robertson

Midfield: Henderson, Jones, Thiago Alcantara

Forwards: Mohamed Salah, Firmino, Jota

The formation of the Liverpool team came

  • Watford formation

Watford formation

Liverpool is playing Watford with one goal only, which is to collect the three points to continue crawling towards the top of the Premier League table while waiting for Man City to stumble in its match against its host Burnley at four in the afternoon in the competition of the same round. 

Despite the big differences between Liverpool, “runner-up” by a point from leaders Manchester City, and Watford, who is eighteen and threatened with relegation, the match is not without difficulty, given the guest’s desire to ascend at least to stay within the Premier League clubs. 

Liverpool is in second place with 69 points, while Watford is in eighteenth place with 22 points.

The first leg match between Liverpool and Watford in the first round of the Premier League ended with the Reds winning five goals without a response. 

It is noteworthy that the Liverpool team is awaiting many crucial confrontations during April after the end of the current international break, unlike today’s match, Watford, against the Reds, a fiery summit against Manchester City, where it meets with him twice within a week, the first in the 32nd round of the life of the Premier League, and the second In the FA Cup semi-finals.

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