The first yellow card in Premier League because of the Russian-Ukrainian war.. Video

Matti Cash
Matti Cash

 Aston Villa’s match against Brighton, which ended with the Villains winning by a clean double, on Saturday evening, in Premier League, Aston Villa player Matti Cash celebrated his support of one of his compatriots stranded in Ukraine, and obtaining a yellow card during the match.

Mate Kash scored Aston Villa’s first goal in the 17th minute of the first half, and after scoring the goal, Mate Cash raised his shirt to reveal another shirt on which was written a message of support for his colleague in the Polish national team Thomas Kidziora, who plays with the Ukrainian team Dynamo Kiev.

In addition to the name of Thomas Kidziora, Matty Cash put the phrase: “Stay strong, brother,” in reference to the difficult conditions that the Dynamo Kiev star is currently living in Ukraine with his family due to the war waged by Russia.

But referee John Brooks followed the strict rules of the Football Association and the most famous yellow card in the face of Matti Cash, to be the first player to be shown a yellow card in the Premier League because of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The 27-year-old Kidziora, who has been with Dynamo Kiev since 2017, is trapped in the country as the Russian invasion intensifies.

Russia has been waging a war against Ukraine since last Thursday, which has caused great repercussions in the sports field, as it withdrew from organizing the Champions League final, as well as not holding the Russian Grand Prix in the Formula 1 World Championship on its soil.



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