The two English football stars, Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen, differed, in the context of a controversy that drew attention to the comparison between the current Liverpool stars, Mohamed Salah, and the former Luis Suarez.

The former England player was involved in a comparison between Salah’s current level and Suarez’s return in the 2013-2014 season, which witnessed his best performance with Liverpool.

Ferdinand saw that Salah’s level surpassed Suarez, the current Atletico Madrid player, when he was at the height of his performance at “Anfield”, in response to a contrary opinion of Owen.

Salah is having a great season with Liverpool, where he scored 25 goals and assisted 9 in 30 games in all competitions, and scored against Norwich City, on Saturday, his 150th goal with the English team.

In the 2013-2014 season, in which Liverpool came very close to sniping the English Premier League title, Suarez scored 31 goals and assisted 17 in 33 games in his former team’s shirt.

Ferdinand, the former Manchester United defender, explained that he had an argument with the former Liverpool striker, Owen, and said on his channel on “YouTube”: “(Owen) believes that Suarez in his brilliant season was better than Salah this season, but I objected.”

Speaking about the Egyptian player’s goal in Chelsea, he added: “In this goal, the defender was nailed, and then . a goal. You know the number of players he does that against. Kalidou Koulibaly at Anfield (in reference to a previous goal by Salah against Napoli, Italy).”

Ferdinand continued: “Salah was supposed to be worth between 70 and 80 million pounds. He has done this consistently for years now. This man needs more respect.”

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