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Premier League is moving to treat VAR errors in matches


Press reports revealed that the Premier League decided to review the mechanism of operating the video technology “VAR”, after many clubs complained in recent rounds, due to the presence of errors affecting the results of matches.

The English newspaper “The Times” said that the Premier League will review the mechanism of operating video technology with the referees committee as a matter of urgency .

The newspaper added that the jury decided that the video technology interventions to cancel the goals of West Ham against Chelsea and Newcastle against Crystal Palace were wrong, and it will cooperate with the Premier League’s request to review the two incidents, and will learn lessons from the result.

The English Premier League asked the referees’ supervisory committee to consider the decisions taken in the matches West Ham and Chelsea, Newcastle United and Crystal Palace, which led to the cancellation of goals for the Hammers and the MacPiss after returning to the video technology .

The British newspaper pointed out that the video technology in the Premier League is being criticized after controversial decisions in West Ham and Chelsea matches, the Merseyside derby (Liverpool and Everton), and Newcastle United against Crystal Palace 

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