The numbers and statistics showed the suffering of Manchester United in the absence of French defender Rafael Faran, after the Red Devils fell into a large defeat against Manchester City, 4-1 in Durby, which was held on Sunday evening at the Union, at the top of the twenty-eighth round competitions Premier League competition is 2021-2022.

Manchester United were exposed to 10 cruel defeats in the English Premier League this season, all of the absence of Faran, came from Real Madrid and came as follows.

  • Leicester City 4 – 2 Manchester United 
  • Manchester United 0 – 5 Liverpool 
  • Watford 4 – 1 Manchester United 
  •  Manchester City 4 – 1 Manchester United

Manchester City lead Premier League schedule with 69 points, 6 points behind Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool. In the same round.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United, missed the Red Devil Shirt, where he was excluded from the list of the match because of the injury, and with the Uruguayan Idenson Cavani striker.

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