Manchester United officially announces contract with Russian Airlines “Aeroflot”

 Manchester United announced the withdrawal of sponsorship rights with the Russian airline, Aeroflot, this evening, Friday, against the backdrop of the Russian war with Ukraine.

The English club issued a brief statement announcing the termination of the contract with the Russian company, saying, “In light of the events taking place in Ukraine, we have decided to withdraw sponsorship rights from Aeroflot, adding, “We share with our fans around the world the feeling of concern and sympathy with those affected by these events.”

Press reports revealed earlier that Manchester United is considering contracting with Qatar Airways as part of the English club’s plan to sign a new carrier for the team to succeed the Russian carrier.

The English newspaper, “Daily Star”, said yesterday, Thursday, that the management of Manchester United club is ready to end a sponsorship deal worth 40 million pounds after Russia declared war on Ukraine, and not to renew the deal.

The English club uses the Russian airline for flights related to European competitions, and Russian Airlines is an official partner of Manchester United.

Manchester United is preparing to face Everton, tomorrow, Saturday, at Old Trafford, in the twenty-seventh round of the English Premier League competition for the 2021-2022 season.



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