Guardiola comments sarcastically I am very upset with Haaland

Guardiola comments sarcastically: “I am very upset with Haaland”

The Spanish coach, Pep Guardiola, commented on the comic petition calling on the British parliament to suspend the Norwegian star Erling Haaland from playing because of his great dominance in the local competitions.

In a cynical measure, a petition of a humorous nature was submitted to the British Parliament to remove the player from the competition, according to several British and Spanish newspapers.

As for the reason, according to the petitioners, it is because the Man City star, as they assert, is a “robot”, a “robot” or a goal-scoring machine, or, as the Danish goalkeeper of Copenhagen, who lost five to the Citizens, said, “is not a human being.”

After Manchester City’s 4-0 victory over Southampton, on Saturday, coach Guardiola commented on that petition sarcastically.

Guardiola said: “I am very upset with Haaland because he did not score 3 goals. Because he only scored one goal, the petition to suspend him will not be applied.”

Halland scored one goal during the meeting, and reached 15 goals in the English Premier League, out of only 9 matches.


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