The room of the legend Gerrard's son is decorated with pictures of Salah

Gerrard tells Salah: My son loves you more than me

Mohamed Salah, in his private dialogue with the Reds’ top scorer, with the fact that he is his favorite player in the current first team at Anfield.

Salah was the only historical scorer for Liverpool in the Premier League after his two goals in the last Manchester United match, which ended with a humiliating result for the Red Devils 7-0.

Salah asked Gerrard about his favorite player in the dialogue, he said: “You are my favorite player, it can only be you.”Gerrard added in a video posted by Liverpool’s official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “You’re the only human he loves more than me, I’m second!” 

Gerrard continued about his championship celebrations with Liverpool, saying: “An experience that I can never forget. These are the happiest days that Liverpool fans live. These are the moments they remember if they talk about the past, so I hope to go back in time and play my first match with this club.” .

The former Liverpool legend concluded: “You have to cherish every moment with Liverpool because it passes and becomes a thing of the past, but it remains one of the best days of your life.”





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