The Italian coach, Antonio Conte, praised the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United striker, after the precious victory that the latter achieved with a score of 3-2, in the exciting meeting that brought them together on Saturday evening, at Old Trafford, in the top of the ninth-round matches. Twenty-eighth of Premier League.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to lead Manchester United to an exciting 3-2 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

Conte spoke after the end of the match, saying: “Cristiano’s performance was great, I know him well, it was not a surprise for me, at the moment the team needs it, he is always there, I remember well the Manchester United group in the Champions League, a player who feels this kind of match.” “.

He added: “When you play against this type of players, they are decisive, without Cristiano Ronaldo it would not be a good night for United.”

He continued, “Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best players in the world at this age.”

“We are disappointed to leave here with a loss because it was a good performance for us, we deserved so much more.”

The global network “Opta” specialized in statistics, stated that Ronaldo became the best scorer in the history of football, after raising his score to 806 goals, surpassing the former Czech star Josef Bikan, who was at the top of the list of the most goals scored players throughout the ages with 805 goals.

With this result, Manchester United is ranked fourth in the English Premier League table with 50 points, while Tottenham is seventh in the Premier League table with 45 points, and has two matches postponed.

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