China bans broadcasting of Premier League matches due to clubs’ support for Ukraine

The company that owns the rights to broadcast Premier League football matches in China has decided not to broadcast the matches of the stage scheduled for this week in the competition, and a group of the most prominent British clubs are scheduled to show their support for Ukraine.
And Premier League announced that it intends to show solidarity with Ukraine in various ways during the ten matches in the scheduled stage this week, the first of which is Leicester City’s match against Leeds United on Saturday.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had initially reported that the Chinese broadcasting rights company had refused to broadcast the matches, and although the English Premier League refused to comment on this report, the British news agency “BA Media” learned that the company would indeed refrain from broadcasting the matches. The matches were broadcast, and this situation was interpreted as a sign of the strong relations between China and Russia.
Richard Masters, president of Premier League, told the Financial Times that the league’s contract with the Russian broadcasting rights owner, Rambler, “is subject to review” and may be suspended or terminated soon, although the company is still likely to broadcast matches this week.



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