Since his arrival at OM in 2016, Frank McCourt has shown that he has the solid back to run a football club. However, the American is tired of having to put his hand in his pocket for the club to pass the DNCG. Pablo Longoria will have to count his pennies in the transfer window.

If Frank McCourt lives far from Marseille, he tries to keep an eye on the daily life of OM. The American businessman is keen on the sustainability of the club he has owned since 2016 and still intends to bring to the top. He does not hesitate to spend the money necessary for transfers but also to fill the holes in the club’s finances. He would have already injected 400 million euros in almost six years at the head of the Marseille club. But, this situation cannot last forever and it directly affects Pablo Longoria.

McCourt turns off the tap, Longoria must work miracles

Indeed, Frank McCourt no longer wants to throw money away. According to the newspaper La Provence, he would have met Pablo Longoria in the United States last June. During their interview, McCourt reportedly informed the Marseille president of his intention to put his hand in his pocket no longer, thus pushing Longoria to have to be imaginative in the transfer window. It is therefore with a tight budget that the recruits will have to arrive on the Canebière while the club is still paying for the years of management of Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

Concretely, Pablo Longoria is asked to accelerate in the field of player sales. It doesn’t sell enough for Frank McCourt’s liking. OM must be able to finance itself without the help of its generous owner. The only notable move so far is Luis Henrique’s loan move to Botafogo. This is linked to a mandatory purchase option for the carioca club. OM can hope to get 8 million euros from it. Too little of course when the Olympian club has been trying to reforge Duje Caleta-Car for months. Beyond his talent as a recruiter, it is now as a salesman that Pablo Longoria is expected in Marseille and at Frank McCourt.

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