•  This is what the PSG player would have said to Pogba in the concentration of France

Mbappe is focused on the French team and there he starred in an episode with Pogba to whom he would have confessed that he is fed up with the situation that is coming at PSG.

It all happened when Mbappé and Pogba greeted each other at the national team’s residence. Laughing, the United player asked Mbappe how he was and the striker whispered in his ear, to avoid the camera that was filming them, “J’en ai trop marré”, which means in Spanish that he is quite fed up. All this between laughter and a lot of complicity between the two.

There are four months left for Mbappe to end his contract with PSG and nothing indicates that he will continue in Paris. In fact, almost everyone sees Mbappe at Real Madrid next season. PSG are not going to give up their efforts to renew him, but it seems that Mbappe is clear about his future.

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