Violent clashes between Queretaro and Atlas fans in Liga MX.. Photos

The Mexican match of Queretaro and its counterpart Atlas witnessed major violence, in the match that brought them together at dawn today, Sunday, in the ninth round of the Liga MX competition at the Corregidora stadium.

Riots and violence took place between the fans of the Queretaro and Atlas teams at dawn on Sunday, injuring 22 fans, two of whom were in serious condition.

The crisis began between the fans of the Queretaro and Atlas teams, in the 62nd minute of the match, after the latter advanced with a goal through the Argentine player Julio Furich. Panic and panic resulting from the clashes, which led to the cancellation and postponement of the match indefinitely.

Some videos have spread on social media revealing the unfortunate events in the Mexican League, and a number of fans appeared stripped of their clothes and others were severely injured.



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