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The summer Clásico supports the Blaugrana coach’s tactical roadmap and puts Madrid on notice for the next League. It seems that this course will have a rival.

Football usually warns from afar. Even the preseasons serve to draw conclusions; With tweezers, yes. In the past year, a competitive hardness was quickly perceived in Madrid that did not find a hint of rivalry in LaLiga and that extended to the Champions League with that miraculous air. Now something different is also breathed in this Barcelona, ​​after a traumatic year, far from all the titles and their football references, except during an encouraging stretch with Xavi. It is precisely there where the Blaugrana coach wants to return and the Las Vegas Classic, even being a summer gig, left positive notes in this regard.

Barcelona were helped by the greater degree of seriousness with which they took the game and the baggage from the previous friendlies, but their football was invigorating beyond that in the first half. Xavi’s team managed with solvency in all registers. With a very regular eleven, Barca elaborated with finesse and mechanisms in situations of high pressure from Madrid. Lewandowski, newcomer, exhibited his control of the first touch in support. The appearances of the Polish striker oxygenated a Barca that arranged the players at different heights to attract and confuse Ancelotti’s players. This sequence, where Busquets offers a passing line to Eric Garcia and Pedri comes to take Tchouameni out of the zone, thus freeing up space for Lewandowski and the Canarian giving continuity inside, was full of technical and positional precision.

Lewandowski was an ideal start when Madrid advanced the block, even without being too accurate at times in receptions. The reading of the former Bayern member pointed out Alaba’s seams in the open field; also from Militao, a couple that went from more to less last year but that Ancelotti is not willing to break up as revealed by the bet on Rüdiger on the left side. Lewandowski is an extraordinary player in the rival area; he is no less outside of it.

Lewandowski wins the duel against Alaba and launches the transition.
Lewandowski wins the duel against Alaba and launches the transition.

Barca could and knew how to run. Xavi’s team articulated well-made transitions taking advantage of the open position of their wingers. In the final stretch, he was close to achieving a more bulky result if it weren’t for Courtois. His game was spicy offensive: 14 chances created by Madrid’s seven. In contexts of retreat in own field of Ancelotti, Barca had more problems generating against a well-closed opponent. The failed performance of Busquets (eight missed passes) did not cooperate in this, although Pedri and Gavi did shine in punctual actions with the ball and with intelligent movements between the lines and into space. Raphinha was his main danger. In addition to the goal, and extraordinary execution, he faced, centered, and showed some tactical intuition. He remained very open to stretching the white defense and had a titanic duel with Rudiger. He was not daunted. When he played on the left he didn’t disappoint either.

Change of direction from Pedri to a very open Raphinha.
Change of direction from Pedri to a very open Raphinha.

But the best news for Xavi was the forward pressure. Faced with a Madrid lacking quality at the start, with Modric and Kroos waiting on the bench, Barcelona overcame the whites’ start in a choral way and managed to cause mistakes like Militao’s in the goal. Pedri (or Gavi) paired up with Lewandowski, the other side’s winger was vigilant on the weak side and the full-backs and center-backs accompanied the entire block. There was a rapid activation after loss and the great opportunities in the first half had this origin.

High steal from Pedri to Camavinga and a clear chance for Ansu.
High steal from Pedri to Camavinga and a clear chance for Ansu.

It was striking that Raphinha was the player who recovered the most balls at Barca with eight; in Madrid, it was Courtois (15)… A sign that Barcelona finished the plays in the Madrid area. It is true that the Blaugrana pressure declined with the carousel of changes and with the entry of Kroos, who deactivated the Catalan attempts with his offers between centrals or on the left side. The long movements of the German (11 good) forced Barca to go back. In those situations, he had more problems defending himself with the order, despite Araújo’s good individual performance on the right side. Asensio’s clear chance came enabled by the solitary presence of Rodrygo behind Busquets without the captain making any corrections or the central defenders leaving their line. A disorder that did not have a punishment that did not deserve seeing the plot of the meeting.

Even with the friendly poster, Barca needed to win the Clásico to unleash a rising illusion after the signings. No one will remember the game as the season progresses, but Xavi is sure that he ended up happy with a job that reinforces the tactical work that he leads. It is about narrowing the distance with his greatest rival to be able to fight everything. A priori, Madrid will be more demanding than in last LaLiga. Barca should be closer, although Courtois’ shield is still huge.


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