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What did Real Madrid and Barcelona do after the fourth Clasico outside Spain?



Spanish club Barcelona decided the friendly match against Real Madrid with a score of 1/0 as part of two teams’ preparations for the new football season 2022-2023 in Las Vegas, USA .

Brazilian Rafinha, Barcelona’s Spanish midfielder, scored his team’s first goal in the 27th minute with a cannonball to the left of Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Courtois, who could not stop it .

Barcelona won the fourth Clasico outside Spain, where the two greats, Real and Barcelona, ​​had previously played 3 friendly times outside Spain, in Venezuela, America and Saudi Arabia.

The first Clasico was between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in Venezuela in the 1982 season, when Real Madrid won 1-0, while the second Clasico was the 2017 season in America and Barcelona won 3-2, and finally the third Clasico was last season in Riyadh and Real Madrid won 3-2 In the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup.

The El Clasico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona is the second confrontation between the two teams in American stadiums, where the two teams meet at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, which has a capacity of 65,000 fans, and is the stronghold of the Las Vegas Raiders team, which is active in MLS.

The only previous Clasico match between the two teams in the United States ended with Barcelona winning 3-2 on July 30, 2017, at the “Hard Rock” stadium in Miami in front of more than 64,000 fans, which means that the new match between them in Las Vegas may hit this number in the audience. If the stands were full, especially as some reports indicated that tickets to attend this match were sold out .

Barcelona is the most successful El Clasico in total matches, official and friendly matches together, with 117 wins compared to 104 Real Madrid, as of the last match that was played between them at dawn on Sunday  .

Real Madrid has more wins in official matches, with 100 wins, compared to 97 wins for Barcelona .

In La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona met in 185 matches in La Liga. The first meeting in the history of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the La Liga competition dates back to February 17, 1929, which ended with Real winning the Barca stadium by 1/2 .

Barcelona won 73 times against Real Madrid in the La Liga competition, compared to 76 wins for Real Madrid, and 36 matches ended in a draw between the two teams .

In total, during the La Liga competitions, Real Madrid scored 295 goals against Barcelona, ​​while Barca scored 295 goals against the Royal team .

Barcelona has only won 26 times at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu in La Liga since 1929 until now.

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