• The Andalusian whistled for the only four penalties awarded in the Barça area in Spanish competitions last season

The arbitration appointment for Real Sociedad-Barça on matchday two has not left anyone happy. In San Sebastián, the designation was not liked when they learned that, with the Andalusian Munuera Montero at the helm, the four meetings between Catalans and San Sebastian have always been won by Barça. It is a historical fact. Instead, in the Barça dressing room, the grievances of last season are still very much alive. They remember that the only four penalties against Ter Stegen that were signaled in all Spanish competitions against Barça, four were signaled by the same referee: Munuera Montero. And three of them were signaled for contacts of the ball with the hand, in plays that were much more than doubtful. To begin with, it stings that Barça was eliminated in Bilbao, in extra time, by Jordi Alba‘s hands like the ones that are not called so many times.

With the hot elimination, Barça rediscovered the Andalusian referee on the move to Levante. For the first time in 90 years of the League, Munuera Montero awarded three penalties against Barça in a single game. He is the record man. Again, he pointed out the fateful point for action by Alves, for other more than debatable hands by Eric, and for a clear takedown by Lenglet. It is the same Munuera Montero who, in the Spanish Super Cup behind closed doors, pointed out other Frenkie de Jong hands that were in a natural position as a penalty. Xavi‘s team is warned. the obsession of Munuera Montero -and his black history with Barça- will force him to defend with his hands behind his back.

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