Simeone’s revolutionary eleven at Atlético de Madrid, with Oblak’s withdrawal at the last minute.

Atlético pulled forcefully to thrash Celta who had many chances but little gunpowder.

Ángel Correa opened the scoring before the first ten minutes, after a great assist from De Paul. The ‘5’ himself would score the second at the start of the second half.

Veiga put some emotion in the final stretch with the 3-1 but Cunha invented a game so that Atlético did not run into trouble.

In these more than ten years at the helm of Atlético Madrid, one of Diego Pablo Simeone’s lines of argument, to analyze many games, has had to do with forcefulness. As if it were a kind of supreme soccer judge, it marks the fate of matches in which you don’t necessarily have to have more ball than your rival, more chances or better game. The forcefulness is merciless and elucidates who takes the hand and the game.

And in this case, a forceful Atlético took it against a Celta who at times in the game had more possession, more danger -13 shots for Atlético ‘s 10 -, etc. but who met a rival who gave him four slaps in the moments key to the clash, to take the three points. Not long ago, Simeone himself philosophized on this matter, on defenders of possession above all else. Having the ball is important, but knowing what to do with it is even more so.

And the rojiblanco team knew it at all times. He scored in the key moments of the clash, a goal as soon as each half started. And he rounded it off with a great goal from Carrasco , who beautifully signed a choral play from self-defense to the rival attack, and a final marvel from Cunha .

Simeone, thinking about the three matches that the rojiblanco team has this week ( Celta , Bayer and Real Madrid ), revolutionized the starting eleven with a good number of changes. Some forced, like Oblak , who fell at the last minute due to the blow suffered in San Sebastián . The Slovenian, although he forced himself to be in the Champions League , suffered and had to play Grbic , who scored a great match against Celta . The Croatian prevented his team from having to row against it from the start. Much merit.

The mattress team came from the doubts, regarding the game, that had been generated by the match against Porto in the Champions League. We already say, from the image of the rojiblancos, not from the final result, that it was an ‘in extremis’ victory for Atlético . However, Simeone’s men have started the season without being able to control an important part of their games and that is where the suffering comes from. In view of what happened at the Metropolitano , Atlético once again showed that they do not need to dominate games to win them. The forcefulness thing, you know.

Atlético de Madrid-Celta de Vigo began as a true action movie. It didn’t take long for the spectators to sit down, when there were already a handful of chances, one for each team. A shot from Carrasco in the area, but above all a one-on-one from Larsen that Grbic won by holding him and immediately afterwards, a reflex to a frank header from Hugo Mallo , which the Croatian got rid of with great skill.

The clash had a very high rhythm with alternatives and Atlético somewhat imprecise in defense. However, Simeone’s hit first. The right wing, very albiceleste on the night of this Saturday, September 10, came together to finish with a pass without looking from De Paul to uncheck a Correa who crossed a powerful shot that swayed in the Marchesín net .

Celta did not collapse and showed signs of being very alive, especially thanks to the defensive failures of Atlético itself . A bad transfer from Hermoso went to the feet of an Iago Aspas who didn’t even think about it, a shot from the front that almost broke Grbic ‘s post . The rest of the first half was more blue than rojiblanco, Simeone’s men had a hard time going deep and Coudet ‘s team accumulated chances, especially in the boots of a Larsen who was a problem for the mattresses due to his size and mobility. Something similar to what happened a week ago in San Sebastian with Sadiq .


Simeone put in Koke after the break, instead of Lemar . Since the initial rojiblanco goal, Atlético had lost control in midfield. And the second act began exactly like the first. With a shot from the rojiblancos, it became 2-0. A play up front, in which Carrasco found De Paul  on the balcony of the area, he shot with the inside of his foot to give it an arc towards the far post, the ball touched a Celta defender who changed trajectory and net.

The changes – Griezmann and Joao Félix also entered – gave Atlético that reliability in the midfield that it had lacked. And that’s where the third goal of the night came. A collective play that began almost in the own area and in which they played Koke , Kondogbia … until reaching a Carrasco who started pressing the nitro button towards the goal, to cut off the last defender and shoot Marchesín .

The game seemed to be over but Celta , who basically had been doing the same thing all night, turned on Grbic ‘s goal . And he found his prize at 71 minutes, the recently entered Veiga reduced differences with a shot from the top of the small area in an action in which the Croatian goalkeeper could perhaps have done more.

It painted a difficult end for Simeone ‘s men , but none of that because Cunha joined the party with a drive from his own field, with a last sublime self-pass to overcome the last Celtic defender, and finish with an attempt to pass to Joao Félix who played in Unai Núñez to get into the goal.

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