•  Barça liquidates an Osasuna who had no choice in half an hour, with a brace from Torres, goals from Auba and Riqui Puig and Dembélé in his best version
    Dembélé, unbalanced against Osasuna)

With three goals before the first half hour of the game, Barcelona settled (4-0) Osasuna’s commitment. A game that a priori could become uncomfortable quickly went downhill against a rival surpassed from the first moment by the dominance and circulation of the ball by the Barça team, who linked the fourth consecutive victory in the Championship and who proved to be ready to go to the Classic next Sunday with options. A brace from Ferran Torres and another goal from Aubameyang, with two sensational assists from Dembélé, that desperate and explosive footballer, finished off Osasuna. Riqui Puig, in a final stretch of the match with rotations, completed the win.

Xavi’s project badly needed a victory like the one he celebrated against Osasuna. For the value of the points and for the value of trust. The team showed that the automatisms remain intact despite the difficulties of the last two games. With Pedri and Gavi fireproof and intense in the interiors and Sergio Busquets clairvoyant, Barcelona’s game had rhythm, security at the back led by Eric, increasing in the ball output, also the imbalance that Dembélé put on him and this time also forcefulness up front. Ferran unblocked the pipe of the goal.

Very soon the match was practically seen for sentencing. Osasuna did not appear, or perhaps it would be fairer to say that Barcelona did not allow him to appear. From the first moment, the game took place near the Pamplona area due to pressure from the azulgranas. There was Dembélé, on the right, apparently with less energy than Adama, in theory reserved for what is to come. In theory, because when the Frenchman’s lightbulb went on and he went into assistant mode, the clash ended up taking the turn towards his sentence that he had begun to give in a penalty action on Gavi.

The Osasuna defenders protested, but the truth is that the move offers little room for doubt. Or none. Busquets, after receiving a ball from Aubameyang, gave a sensational vertical pass towards the area, where Gavi received it coming from his inside left position. The young midfielder won his back against Nacho Vidal, who caught him from behind with his body as he fell. Clear penalty that transformed Ferran Torres, who began his joint festival with Dembélé.

Inconstant and desperate at times but absolutely unstoppable when he gets into it, Dembélé invented an extraordinary assist from the right to Torres, a diagonal pass into space, behind the center-backs, where the Valencian striker appeared to resolve perfectly and cleanly beat Sergio Herrera. And Dembélé repeated assistance, this time to his friend Aubameyang, also from the right, to make it 3-0.

Ousmane had just decided on a game that Ferran Torres, magically transformed after his weak game on Thursday, had clearly put in franchise for Barcelona. Osasuna breathed a bit as soon as Barça took their foot off the accelerator a bit and tried to modify a suicidal approach by reinforcing the defense with three sudden changes and a third center-back in the second half.

Nothing, or little, changed in the development of the match. If anything, the hectic pace of the first half was not the same from the start, although as soon as Dembélé took the ball and felt the connection of cables, Barça’s game accelerated.

It is true that after the restart Osasuna tried to exploit more than in the first half the defensive fragility of Barcelona’s right back, very effective with his bicycles and ineffective when it came to guarding his back in defense. Vinicius appears on the horizon.

Riqui’s lace

Sergio Herrera prevented Dembélé’s festival from being completed with a great rebound with a goal in an impressive shot by the Frenchman. However, he could not avoid Barça’s fourth in an action by Riqui Puig, who finished off a corner from the edge of the box and took advantage of the goalkeeper’s rebound to, first, seat him on his way out and then finish off the goal with his right foot. In a game ending with rotations, Braithwaite returned and Memphis tried a spur goal against a dedicated opponent.

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