• Benzema and Aspas, both from penalties, opened the scoring. Later, Modric, Vinicius and Valverde scored
  • First minutes Marco Asensio and Hazard missed a penalty

Real Madrid beat Celta without much trouble. On the whites’ first day without Casemiro, the truth is that no one missed the Brazilian. Ancelotti posted for Tchouaméni and the Frenchman played a good game. Celta, on the other hand, existed during the first half, where for many minutes they were better than Real Madrid, but they did not know how to reflect it on the scoreboard. The Galicians succumbed to the punch against a Real Madrid that added its second victory in the league championship.

Tchouaméni was at the center of all eyes after Casemiro’s departure, but all those eyes changed watching Celta’s game. The Galician team played fast, direct football, putting pressure on a Real Madrid team that couldn’t find Benzema or Vinicius. But football things and, above all, this Real Madrid. In his first shot between the three sticks he scored. It was in the 14th minute when Benzema converted a penalty to make it 0-1 on the scoreboard. A maximum penalty was born from a hand from Tapia to Alaba’s shot that the referee did not indicate at first, but the VAR came into action. Those responsible for the VAR called the referee who went to see the play on the monitor and pointed out the 11 meters.

Celta did not fall apart and went for the tie that they hovered on more than one occasion. The Galician team found a reward with the 1-1 that was born from another penalty. Militao ‘s hand went out to cover a shot by Patience with his hand in style. The ball clearly hit him in the arm and the referee did not hesitate: a penalty. Aspas did not fail, although Courtois was about to stop him, and made it 1-1 in the 23rd minute. That goal gave Celta wings that went for Real Madrid. That effort was paid for in the final stretch of the first act, which relieved the white team where Modric appeared to score a great goal from outside the area to make it 1-2 in the 42nd minute.

This is how it came to rest and in the resumption. Celta went for the equalizer but found a defensively tidy Real Madrid waiting for the opportunity to sentence. In the end, it was the white team that took the cat to the water with Vinicius’s 1-3 in the 56th minute of the game. Great pass from Modric to the Brazilian who stood alone against the Celta goalkeeper who hesitated when it came to leaving and that was key. Vinicius made no mistake and easily scored the 1-3 and raised the local fans in arms for their celebration dance. A goal was protested by Celta who claimed a penalty from Militao before the counterattack. The referee did not indicate anything and the VAR did not correct him.

Asensio debuts

The Galician team looked for the goal that would allow them to enter the game again. Celti’s illusions did not last long because, in a counter started by Tchoauméni, Real Madrid scored 1-4. It was the work of Fede Valverde who in the 66th minute sentenced the match with a low and placed shot. Celta, despite the result, kept looking for the goal, but the truth is that every Real Madrid attack was a dangerous opportunity. In this context, Ancelotti began with the changes with Rüdiger repeating on the right side, as in Almería. Although the most notable change was the entry of Marco Asensio who, with his future in the air and suspicions that the board did not want him to play, had his first minutes in LaLiga. hazard he had it on his feet to make it 1-5, in the 86th minute but the Belgian missed a penalty on Benzema who gave him the shot.


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