• The whites had to come back from a game that was uphill from the start, although they solved it in the second half with goals from Lucas and Alaba

First day and first comeback. This was the debut of Real Madrid in the League against an Almería that pushed the whites to the limit and endured until the end with a very exciting version on their return to the First Division. A brilliant Fernando in goal and a dangerous striker fought with honor but fell to Ancelotti‘s men who activated the ‘steamroller mode’ when the time came and took all three points thanks to goals from Lucas and Alaba.

a dream comeback

Of the 11 Almería players, only one had experience in the First DivisionRodrigo Ely. The rest are beginners. So just in case, someone didn’t know them, they introduced themselves to society. After six minutes, Sadiq unchecked, dislodging Rüdiger and Ramazani interned after a pass from Eguaras to define Courtois with intelligence and aim. First strike. And from Almeria.

But boxers like Madrid have to hit harder to knock them out and, for that reason, immediately afterward, Ancelotti‘s men linked three occasions, each one clearer, to which, yes, they lacked the goal, which did not arrive. And if it wasn’t to draw, this white outburst served so that since then they became the owners of the game and accumulated tackles on the wings, corner kicks, and shots on goal. Although also without a prize.

The saves by Fernando, especially a stellar one from a header by Rüdiger and the good work of the Andalusian defense, maintained the favorable result for the locals who after 7 years and 45 minutes were back in the First Division and beating the champion. A dream return. Little more could be asked for.

A dead end

And yes to problems, solutions, to traffic jams, drivers. And Madrid has one, Luka Modric, who may be the best in the world in that regard. And that is why Ancelotti included him after the break, causing the game to open, not without danger for the Whites, as Almería also had theirs. However, who led the locals was their goalkeeper, Fernando, who signed a recital of saves that at times unhinged Vinicius and company.

But all good things come to those who know how to wait. And Madrid has plenty of patience. Of patience and insistence, since from the 60th minute, he did not stop locking Almería in his area until he got what he wanted: to come back.

He began by tying the match with a goal by Lucas Vázquez in the purest Raúl González style, taking advantage of a loose ball at the penalty spot. The youth squad, who had already scored a goal in the first half although canceled for offside, was the one who opened the can this campaign. And from then on, Madrid was a steamroller of arrivals that only needed to figure out in what minute the goal was going to be made. And it was in the 75th minute when David Alaba entered the field and his first appearance: a perfect free-kick that put the Whites ahead. Like the great strikers, the center-back ordered the first ball he touched to be saved. Austrian efficiency.

And already with the 1-2 in favor, Madrid relaxed and although they continued to attack, they did so without the pressure of having to score out of obligation, but rather out of pleasure. And it was noticed. In fact, Almería was in danger until the final whistle, but the Whites had already put the three points in their pocket and were not going to let them go. 

Real Madrid takes off with a scare in Almería

Goals: (1-0) L. Ramazani (6′), (1-1) Lucas Vázquez (61′), (1-2) D. Alaba (75′)

Cards:LE. Camavinga (40′), U. Sadiq (41′), Curro Sánchez (66′), Arnau Puigmal (86′)L

Referee: Juan Martinez Munuera

Spectators: 13,000 at the Power Horse Stadium

THE BEST The interest of the match until the end due to the narrow score
THE WORST The emptiness that Almería takes after a good game

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