•  “It is better that we put ourselves in the shoes that we are going to suffer”, recognized the Getafe coach
Quique: "I get the feeling that they review us very quickly"

Quique Sánchez Flores, coach of Getafe, lamented the defeat against Villarreal, a “mature team with technically extraordinary players”, and without assessing the referee’s performance, he said he had the feeling that doubtful plays are “reviewed very Quick”.

“When you play against teams of this quality and of this caliber, with the speed at which the ball goes, everything gets quite complicated. In the first seven minutes, in what happened in both areas, it scored the game. We were able to score but after we fit in and that changed everything,” Quique said at a press conference.

“In the first half we had more counterattacks than in 23 previous league games. That needs to be reviewed. In the second half the team played well, had chances and plays that were difficult to gauge. I think there was a first half for one team and another for another,” he opined.

The Getafe coach stressed that his team “always goes out to compete” but that there are situations that can occur against teams like Villarreal.

“It is a mature team, with technically extraordinary footballers who know how to touch the ball. When you plan things, the rival also plans them and if they are also surrounded by the confidence of the scoreboard it is difficult to beat them. For the future we will try to polish the things that we like about matches like this,” he said.

With this result, Getafe is left with 32 points, only four above relegation.

“It is better that we put ourselves in the shoes that we are going to suffer. There will always be time to lower the level of suffering,” said Quique, who was cautioned by the referee in the second half.

“I don’t know why the yellow card is. Strange situations with us always happen. The players ask me to come and say things here but it doesn’t come to me because it can be an excuse for the result. We have lost because of what has happened on the pitch but If I represent the players, I would say things that they think and that are that there are situations that can be reviewed,” he said.

“They review us very quickly. Just as there are games in which they take their time, it gives me the feeling that they review us quickly, but it is an appreciation,” he concluded.

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