• Isi Palazón and Ciss scored the goals for the Vallecas team in a duel marked by expulsions, one per side, in the first half. That of the blue and white Sergi Gómez, very rigorous and controversial, did much more damage to a Catalan team that was disconnected and that was not effective in the areas, unlike Rayo, which continues to be the black beast of the Catalans

Espanyol was shipwrecked this Friday in its first game at the RCDE Stadium of LaLiga 2022-23. He was split again by Rayo, the ‘black beast’ of the parakeets in recent years, with a painful and damaging defeat, lowering the illusion that was uncovered in Balaídos. And it’s been five games in a row in which Rayo beat Espanyol

Isi Palazón and Ciss signed the Vallecano victory in a duel with a sad refereeing role, as there was an expulsion by side, being very rigorous, too much, the one suffered by Espanyol, a direct red card to Sergi Gómez that upset the Catalans. The parakeet team, very ineffective in both areas, had up to three sticks in the second half, but the goal did not fall. And the fans left worried, very worried, after the first game of theirs at home and waiting for reinforcements to arrive in this final stretch of a market mediated by the soap opera RDT.

Diego Martínez traced the eleven of Balaídos with the only change of Edu Expósito for Calero, while Iraola repeated the debut. The first part had everything. Espanyol started commanding, playing judiciously, and enclosing lightning in their area. Without letting Ray breathe with very high pressure.

The duel quickly ‘heated up’ with many fouls that disconnected the fluid game of the locals and a referee who soon saw that he had to win by showing yellow. And boy did he do it. The monologue was blue and white but there was only one clear occasion to break the draw. In minute 12, Sergi Gómez headed in after a good combing by ‘Vini’.

It was pink for Diego Martínez’s men and the stage was set in the 16th minute when Lejeune saw his second yellow card and headed for the shower early due to an elbow on Joselu in a jump. Rayo was left with ’10’ with a long game ahead of them, a plus that the Catalans wanted to take advantage of.

Espanyol continued to command, but the bellows dropped and the danger did not lie in wait for the Madrid goal. And at the stroke of half an hour, a blow for Espanyol.

Sergi Gómez saw a direct red card due to a dispute in the race with Cabello, a very rigorous expulsion that the referee decreed at the request of the VAR. The stands, very upset, exploded against the arbitration.

With the two teams ten, one expulsion per side, Espanyol’s dominance decreased, accusing too much of the unjust expulsion of Sergi Gómez. The duel continued to heat up with a carousel of yellow cards by Figueroa Vázquez. And when it seemed that they were going to reach the break with a draw, another ‘slap’ for the Catalans.

In the 40th minute, Isi Palazón, the black beast of the parakeets since he has already scored several goals for them, invented a remote-controlled howitzer for a direct foul to put the 0-1 on the scoreboard. Before the break, there was still time for a new controversial move as the parakeets asked for a penalty for a ‘smack’ on Vinicius that was not punished.

Nobody made a move at the break, although Rayo came out in better spirits. In the 49th minute, Camelo had the second for Rayo, but his shot went high just a bit. It was much more difficult for Espanyol to play with ten, with difficulties in carrying out high pressure and combining judiciously. While Rayo looked more comfortable, dosing the advantage on the scoreboard.

And the parakeet wound bled even more. In the 59th minute, Álvaro ‘eats’ Rubén Sánchez and put the pass of death to Pathe Ciss, who, with an empty goal, made it 0-2 at will. A major disappointment in the blue and white coliseum at the premiere.

Espanyol suffered the blow and Diego Martínez moved the bench, giving entry to Puado. Moments later, Edu Expósito deserved the goal with a shot that hit the post (67′).

The blue and white team had the ball, but could no longer come back, inoperative and without ideas, weighing heavily the 0-2 slab from the 59th minute. A fruitless possession because the Catalans did not show that the comeback was possible, as it happened in Vigo. While Rayo, very comfortable, barely suffered to endure the victory despite the slight dominance of an Espanyol without light.

The goal could have ended in both areas. First, in minute 87 Falcao had it, but Lecomte was fine. And Puado, who had just jumped, was able to close the gap in the 83rd minute, but his shot again repelled the goal post from Madrid. There was still a third stick that scored Puado’s goal, again. The 0-2 did not move, and a vase of cold water for Espanyol in his debut at home.

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