Lewandowski, expelled in Pamplona

Lewandowski sent off for a double yellow card

  • The Pole saw a red card in the 30th minute after being reprimanded twice by Gil Manzano after committing the only two Barça fouls up to that point
  • The Extremaduran referee was the first to expel Messi and also has Neymar and Luis Suárez on his red ‘curriculum’

Robert Lewandowski was sent off in Pamplona against Osasuna after seeing two yellow cards in just 30 minutes. The Pole had committed the only two fouls of the Barça team up to that moment and in both actions, he was booked by Gil Manzano. The first was for a very rigorous grab in the center of the field, and the second was for hitting David García with his arm while jumping. In this action, the Pole seems to forget about the ball, looks for the red defender with his eyes, and commits a clear foul. 

It is the second expulsion in his entire career since with Bayern in eight seasons he never saw a red card and the only one he had seen was in a Dortmund-Hamburg. As a result of the expulsion, he will be absent for Barça – Espanyol, the first game after the World Cup and the last in 2022. 

The referee who showed him the red card is Gil Manzano, who adds a new ‘trophy’ to his resume. He had already gone down in history for being the first referee to expel Messi from Spain and before that he had also expelled Neymar and Luis Suárez.  

Lewandowski‘s expulsion came minutes after Osasuna’s controversial goal, in which Gil Manzano did not point out a very clear prior foul on Marcos Alonso. 





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