The new La Liga football season kicked off on Friday, with Osasuna meeting Sevilla, and the first team beat the second 2-1.

Participation in the first division championship in La Liga football is a great opportunity for clubs to earn money in an easy way.

One of the questions that football fans ask is how much money the La Liga champion gets, as well as how much money reaches the rest of the clubs based on their position in the standings.

The reports indicated that the money that the Spanish clubs receive from the exclusive television rights, and does not include the proceeds of tickets, subscriptions, and sales collected by each club individually.

A Spanish royal decree stipulates that half of the television rights are distributed equally to all 20 competing clubs in the La Liga.

For example, the television rights of the La Liga 2020-2021 season achieved about 1.44 billion euros, about half of which (722 million) will go to all clubs in the league equally, regardless of their performance.

As for the second half, it is divided into two parts, the first according to the so-called “social implantation” of each club, and is based on its performance in season tickets and the rate of box office sales in the last five seasons, and the extent to which each club contributes to providing resources that can be used in broadcasting.

The second section depends on the team’s position in the rankings, and it constitutes 25 percent of the total revenue provided by television broadcasting.

The winner of the La Liga receives 17 percent of this total income, and the remainder of the money from this division goes to the last team and is estimated at 0.25 percent.

The difference in the money that the teams receive in the La Liga amounted to about 7 million euros in the 2020-2021 season, but this number decreases the more we go down the list.

The outcome of the Spanish teams’ gains from this season was as follows, in terms of millions of dollars:

  • Atlético Madrid: 17 percent, 61.3 million euros
  • Real Madrid: 15 percent, 54.1 million euros.
  • Barcelona: 13 percent, 46.9 million euros.
  • Sevilla: 11 percent, 39.7 million euros.

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