• Madrid turns the scoreboard around thanks to a direct free kick from the Austrian

David Alaba has just signed a free-kick goal on the first ball he touched to turn the score around and make it 1-2. Luka Modric caused a foul at the edge of the area and Alaba, who had just entered for Mendy in search of the winning goal, requested the foul and nailed it in the same squad, impossible for a Fernando who was completing an exhibition under sticks.

Madrid’s siege in search of a comeback has found a prize with a quarter of an hour to go, taking advantage of Almería’s physical collapse, which has withstood all the Whites’ attacks until Lucas opened the can in the 60th minute.

Almería is looking for a reaction but the Whites are controlling the situation and only an isolated move could bring it back to life in the form of a draw.

Alaba, by the way, adds his second goal of the course in as many games after opening the scoring in the European Super Cup against Eintracht.

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