Míchel’s men played a very complete game and Quique’s men still haven’t scored in their locker

Girona came out with everything in their first match in Montilivi back to the First Division and found themselves with a more than deserved victory after being superior to Getafe ( 3-1).

Míchel ‘s men came out with all the meat on the grill, incorporating Stuani and Taty as strikers, although it was Rodrigo Riquelme who already showed his teeth in the first minute with a shot from outside the area. Those of the Vallecano coach were the lords and masters of the game. Up to 84% of possession was maintained during the first 23 minutes when the clearest of the game came. Yan Couto put in a low center that Stuani finished off, with the subsequent stop by Soria and with a rebound that Taty shot without success.

Despite the clear local dominance, in minute 28 the azulones had one to get ahead. In a messy play, a center came down the right wing, which was about to put the knee of Yangel Herrera into his own goal. The ball shot out to hit the crossbar.

Before reaching the break, the can was opened for the locals. Stuani, who else, caught a ball inside the area that he hit with his right leg. Neither Djené nor Soria could stop the ball, which seemed destined to add to the electronic score.

Just as the first part ended, the second began. At 47 minutes, a center by Miguel Gutiérrez ended up in the azulona goal after a shot by Duarte in his own goal. The misfortune could have been greater for Quique Sánchez Flores ‘ men after the referee pointed out a penalty on Stuani. The VAR corrected it and the game changed to such an extent that, five minutes later, Enes Ünal sent a ball crossed into the net to be saved. The outcome was the same as in the penalty indicated on Stuani. The monitor ordered the play to be reviewed and Muñiz Ruiz annulled it for a previous foul on Aleix García.

From there, Getafe changed the chip and began to advance the lines a bit. Fate, which seemed to be written, ended with another goal for Girona. This time Taty stung a ball over Soria.

The people of Madrid, who did not want to throw in the towel at any time, continued to insist until, in the 73rd minute, Enes Ünal scored after a magnificent shot. Juan Carlos could only follow the ball with his eyes.

Girona had moments in which it began to back down due to the pressure from Getafe. The azulones had nothing to lose and began to have intermittent approaches towards the red and white goal, although no occasion was clear. The former Girona player, Portu, did have it, with a very clear double chance against Juan Carlos, after an error by Girona. Already in the discount, Angileri saw the red for a very hard tackle on Couto.

The match ended with victory, his first victory in his debut against his people and he will prepare for the next match, also at home, against Celta de Vigo. Quique’s men, who have yet to break the points record, will face Villarreal at home

Girona opens in a big way in Montilivi at the expense of Getafe

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